Dagmar Vinterová’s Writing Portfolio

A skilled content writer and editor in Slovak & English

I work as a marketing content specialist in a B2B SaaS company. I have gained experience as a writer and editor at a content agency, as an independent content creator, and within the marketing departments of publishing houses.

White abstract geometric artwork from Dresden, Germany
Collage: Peter Kuchta for Resco

“Dagmar is willing and able to percieve and consider the wider context of her activities and sincerely cares about her work. She delivers what is needed on time and in high quality and is a pleasure to work with.”

Marek Sitár

Product Marketing Manager, Resco

An array of skills

Proficient in a variety of areas, my skill set spans writing, editing, and content marketing.

Writing and editing

  • I can write content that delivers.
  • I can brief and lead other writers and edit their work.
  • I can write and edit in both Slovak and English.
Office meeting room at Resco
Photo: Resco
New Bratislava downtown view from Resco Tower
Photo: Resco

Content marketing

  • I can bring content strategy and tactics to action.
  • I am SEO certified.
  • I have a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles.

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